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This is probably very juvenile of me, but I couldn’t resist posting this simply because it’s so terrible. When I was a kid thumbing through the Bible I must have been playing the Transfiguration of Jesus out in my head totally wrong! Here I was thinking that it was just some dude going to the mountain top, glowing bright and having a seizure hanging out with the spirits of Moses and Elijah.

It’s way cooler when you imagine everyone playing volleyball, Jesus flying through the sky (artistic symbolism depicting the “fun” in following Jesus) and then going Super Saiyan before he … plays a demented form of “patty-cake” with ghosts?

I swear! Were it not for the comments telling me what to believe, I would have nearly become an Evangelical.

It would be cute except this particular passage is not really an apporpriate story for comedy… it seems like a more sacred moment”

“This is breathtakingly awful.

And my personal favorite  by sabertooth1980 who, according to my research has coined the following (a play on the adage “Proof is for math and alcohol”):

[Person who posted this] Proof is for math. Meaning is for words. And Purpose is for tools. You aren’t a number or a word… you must be a tool.

“Tool” is perhaps being kind, of course.